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Darwin is a 29' Sailboat that has adapted to a dry lakebed environment by developing giant mechanical legs to help it move around without water. Read more details about Darwin here ...

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Safety Third and Plumb Bobbing

"You want to do what? Are you sure that's safe?"

Those were my first thoughts when Chad said we needed to bring the 35 foot mast down from the top of the boat. Mind you I'm a mere 5'2" tall and it was just the two of us, so the idea that I could help lift this massive mast off the boat and safely onto the ground without killing myself seemed unlikely. Well, I am happy to report I'm still here AND we got the mast down! Now onto plumb bobbing!

The next task at hand was to get as many precise measurements of the hull as possible so Chad could create a 3D model of the boat and do all the necessary calculations to determine the size and strength of the legs and joint mechanism (among many other things). This was a tedious but very important task which involved drawing chalk lines on the ground, using a laser level to measure precise heights and dropping the plumb bob down to capture about 100 different points on the ground.

1ft x 1ft chalk lines for measuring
Plumb bobbing!

Measuring each dot
Laser leveling

Then once all the plumb bobbing and measuring was complete, we entered every point in a spreadsheet and Chad created this AutoDesk drawing.

Each point connected together to make the hull shape

Chad created a 3D surface with lofting


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  2. Thank you for taking the time to post the progress and technical steps. We'll be signign up for work duty soon.....

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